Nichole Nordeman

Added on by Craig Stewart.

If you’ve heard Nichole Nordeman’s beautiful song “Every Season,” you might be surprised to learn the story behind it. The song was written about a friend’s wedding day and soon followed by the groom’s memorial service. Nichole first performed this song at this same memorial service.

In Nichole’s own words, “It was so overwhelming to have these two really heavy life moments, one overflowing with joy and one unbelievably wrought with grief and to somehow still be able to believe… to really believe that God is not God only in a summer season. That God is not God only when our life is good. And it was so much more of a challenge to say to God, ‘You are still here and You are still in charge and You are still full of goodness and mercy’ in the middle of winter. ‘Every Season’ was my way of saying ‘I’m not going to let God’s sovereignty be ruled by my emotions or circumstances or I’ll be all over the map for the rest of my life.”

It’s songs like “Every Season” that justify why Nichole often refers to herself as a “wrestling poet.”