Marley’s Ghost

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“Sinner Man” is a gospel song of invitation from a Northern California band by the name of Marley’s Ghost. It’s a traditional a cappella Appalachian folk song, previously composed and performed by Ralph Stanley. Not to be confused with the well-known “Sinnerman” spiritual, recorded by a host of artists, including the 10-minute-plus definitive version by Nina Simone. 

I’ve long enjoyed this particular song for the straightforward simplicity of its message.


Sinner man, so discouraged
while traveling through this land, this land.
Oh, Lord, this land.

Come, let us have a little talk with Jesus
just to hear what He has to say.

My God Almighty spoke and He said,
"Go! And I'll go with you.
Open your mouth and I will speak for you."
For the Lord, tell me what to say,
they won't believe on me.

I would not be a sinner,
tell you the reason why:
'Fraid the Lord might call me
and I wouldn't be ready to die.


Some say give me silver.
Some say give me gold.
I say, "Give me Jesus!
For He's precious to my soul."


  © Helpful Creative  Sources:  Wikipedia  +  The Rainmakers  +  Andrew Neel  +  Jilbert Ebrahimi

© Helpful Creative

Sources: Wikipedia + The Rainmakers + Andrew Neel + Jilbert Ebrahimi