The Afters

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Life can sometimes be overwhelming to us. We can feel weak, we can feel pain and we can feel sadness.

These are the feelings behind The Afters new song “Battles” off the album “Live On Forever,” released in 2016. For this song they gained inspiration from the hard times their friends were going through at the time. To quote one of the band members, “As we were working on the song, one of my closest friends from high school let me know that his wife was diagnosed with stage four cancer. They have two kids, and they are my age. I saw a post where they were going in for her chemo treatments, and the whole family puts on superhero costumes, wearing masks and capes. They went in knowing that God was with them in the fight. I admired the faith they had, facing cancer and trusting God and knowing that He is fighting alongside of them and fighting on their behalf.”

Now you might think “Battles” would be one super sad song, but you would be mistaken. The Afters crafted a contemporary Christian pop song filled with pure joy and hope. It’s the very same joy and hope offered to anyone who puts their trust and faith in Jesus Christ (John 16:33).

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