Zack Williams’ Story

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Zach Williams was in college before he learned how to play any music. He taught himself how to play his college roommate’s guitar. Only after he had been laid up in his room with a bad ankle injury. From that point on he immediately fell in love with music.

Eventually, Zach ended up in a Southern Rock band. Shortly after going into the studio to record the band’s first album, his career just seemed to take off. The band got a booking agent in Europe and booked a month long tour all across France, Belgium and Spain. Although with this seemingly desirable lifestyle, over time, came a lot of bad choices. 

In Zach’s own words he says, “Even though I grew up going to church every Sunday as a kid, even though I knew right from wrong and said I was a Christian, there was absolutely nothing about the way I was living that reflected these things. It took a trip to Europe in 2012 to stop me dead in my tracks and show me just how lost I really was.” Then, after hearing a song by Big Daddy Weave called “Redeemed,” Zach’s faith became real to him. He called his wife to tell her he was quitting the band and joining the church they had been visiting.

Out of his experience, four years later Zach crafted his first single “Chain Breaker” from his newly released self-titled album. It’s a real southern rock gem about what Jesus did for him and could do for you. One that you might find yourself singing along too.

© Helpful Creative  Sources:  Zach Williams Music  +  Leero

© Helpful Creative

Sources: Zach Williams Music + Leero