Away in a Manger

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This well-known song was first published in the late nineteenth century. While some consider it to be the work of Martin Luther, it is now widely believed to be a work of unknown origin.

Fred Gealy (1894-1976) writes that the lyrics were probably written in the mid-1800s by an anonymous American. The music was composed by a J. E. Clark. Afterward, the music director of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, a man named Charles Hutchinson Gabriel, published a new version of the hymn that included the third verse.

Whoever may have written the original version, “Away in a Manger” remains to this day one of the most beloved Christmas songs for believers.

© Helpful Creative  Sources:  Discipleship Ministries  + P exels - Rasmus Svinding

© Helpful Creative

Sources: Discipleship Ministries + Pexels - Rasmus Svinding