Pepper Choplin

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“This Is My Word,” is another wonderful choral arrangement composed by Pepper Choplin. Quoting Choplin, his chief desire as a composer is "to create music that will lead people to worship in a dramatic way.” 

Much of Choplin’s creative energy goes into planning worship services for Greystone Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC where he is the Minister of Music. Many of his anthems were born out of a need at his own church. Currently, Choplin has over two hundred anthems in addition to six choral musicals. 

Partial Lyrics
As the snow falls from heaven, 
As it comes in swirling showers from the sky, 
So is my Word. 
As the rains bring the water to the earth that is thirsty and dry, 
So is my Word. 
And the Word of my mouth, it shall not return empty: 
It will bless the earth wherever it is heard. 
This is my Word. 

© Helpful Creative. All Rights Reserved.  Source:  Amazon

© Helpful Creative. All Rights Reserved.

Source: Amazon