Reginald Heber

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Reginald Heber’s widow found the words ”Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,” among her dead husband's papers. These words would became what poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson called the world’s greatest hymn. Still, several years would pass before these words took their place in worship services around the world.

Then in 1861, a publisher rediscovered the words. This publisher asked John Bacchus Dykes to furnish him with a tune. John was a very talented composer and had been a church organist since he was ten-years-old. John was also the co-founder and president of the Cambridge University Musical Society. 

John took the words and within thirty minutes wrote the tune "Nicea," which carried the praise of the Trinity to Christians everywhere.

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee; 
Holy, Holy, Holy, Merciful and Mighty! 
God in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity!

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