Craig Stewart - Owner and Creative Director at Helpful Creative


Craig Stewart is the owner and visual communicator at Helpful Creative. My business provides professional front-end production and graphic design services, helping clients with visual storytelling and problem solving in a world increasingly driven by visual content.

Adobe Cloud and Microsoft Office user. 

Creative Process

  1. Evaluate creative brief 
  2. Identify brand requirements 
  3. Generate and develop concepts
  4. Produce client approved creative

Client SLAs:

  • Calls and emails responded to by day’s end
  • Weekly updates for extended work
  • Creative execution will adhere to brand guidelines and specific client briefings
  • 3 concept minimum provided (plus additions at the client’s request)
  • Approved concept provided within budget 
  • Unforeseen cost changes will be approved by the client before production 
  • Client deadline(s) met unless project scope changes (alternative solutions provided)


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