Louise Massey Carr

Added on by Craig Stewart.

In honor of a faithful Christian lady I’ve been blessed to know. She’ll be missed for a time by her family and friends. My mother-in-law was Louise Massey Carr, 1924 to 2019. We loved her and she loved us.

Mrs. Carr loved music and was once a dedicated member of the Woodlawn Baptist church choir. In addition to being a faithful choir member, she was also a dedicated teacher for the three-year-olds in Sunday School for over 36 years. Mrs. Carr loved playing the piano and telling much loved Bible stories.

During her final weeks, several nurses would say they knew she was a “praying woman” because they would often hear her talking to God and singing. One nurse even said, the last thing she overheard Mrs. Carr say was “God, help me to do something good.”

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