Holy Ground

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Geron Davis was a 19-year old songwriter, who was pursued by his father/pastor to write a song for the dedication of a new sanctuary in little town of Savannah, Tennessee in 1979. 

Davis says, “About six weeks before we moved into the new place, my dad started saying: ‘Son, I wish you’d write us a new song for the first Sunday service.’” Davis, who had been writing songs since his earliest teen years, replied that he would do it. After a couple of weeks, Davis’ father asked, “Son, you got that song?” He replied, “No, Dad, but I'll do it.” A similar exchange followed weeks later. 

On the Saturday before the new building's dedication, church members had worked all day, preparing for the opening service. At midnight, after the other laborers had left, Davis’ father turned to him once again and asked: “Son, did you get us a special song for the first service?" Davis answered: “No, sir. But I’m fixin’ to.” 

Once his father had left, Davis thought to himself, “What do we want to say when we come into this place for the first time?” The answer came almost immediately. 

“Literally, as fast as I could write the words down,” Davis says, “Within about 10 or 15 minutes, I had the entire song finished.” At the end of the millennium, the song “Holy Ground” remained Word Record’s No. 2 selling anthem of all time.

© Helpful Creative. All Rights Reserved.  Source:  Alive Worship Experience

© Helpful Creative. All Rights Reserved.

Source: Alive Worship Experience