Blessed Assurance

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Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) is heralded as one of the world's most prolific and talented composers. Though she became blind shortly after birth, Fanny wrote over 8,000 hymns.

One of her good friends was Phoebe Palmer Knapp, wife of the founder of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. One day she asked Crosby, “Oh Fanny, I have had a new melody racing through my mind for some time now, and I just can’t think of anything else. Let me play it for you and perhaps you can help me with the words.”

After kneeling in prayer and clutching her little Bible, Cosby stood to her feet and proclaimed: “Why, that music says, ”Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine! O what a foretaste of glory divine.”” 

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Sources: WikipediaThe Complete Book of Hymns